I am a 26 year old kid trapped inside a body that's slowly getting older. I enjoy escaping to the mountains where I spend hours climbing up hills, taking pictures, and heading back down. Let's go exploring.

I am using this tumblr as a dumping ground for thoughts, photos, and anything that crosses my mind.
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Day two of the Bearclaw Invitational. #mountwashington

Bearclaw Invitational. #mountwashington

You know it’s the summer when I’m either on the mountain or at the lake. #hardlife (at Comox Lake)

Inukshuk central! #mountwashington @snowseekers (at Mt. Washington (top of Eagle Chair))

Good morning Paradise Meadows! #mountwashington

Visibility? About three feet. Snow conditions? Stellar.

Yeah, it’s been awhile Tumblr. I’ve been too busy skiing. Sorry about that.

Some old cross country skis, some cut up straight skis, some old bindings. Put it all together, new coat rack.

Gotta find some use for all these bindings.

Managed to finagle my way into the front seat of the helicopter. Photo credit Breanne Johnson

Boxing Week Extravaganza 2011@Lake Louise


Cuddle attack.

Photo Credit: Breanne Johnson.


Pillow lines on the hike up to Porcupine Ridge to, guess what, dig another snow profile pit.

…at least we got some runs in after we were done digging pit after pit

Entry and Exit into Boulder Hut via Helicopter. 

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